STOP Additional Hair-Loss

Say goodbye to additional hair loss and hello to a fuller, thicker head of hair with the new book by top hair expert Dino Dondiego. ‘Stop Additional Hair Loss’ reveals the breakthrough method for people with thinning hair, as well as what to do to slow down and stop additional hair loss through his groundbreaking techniques.


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Hi, I’m Dino Dondiego

Dino Dondiego is the founder of InvisaBlend Hair Studio, and inventor of the InvisaBlend Micro Strand®.

Dino Dondiego is a top hair expert and founder of InvisaBlend Hair Studio in New Jersey. He is also the author of two books, Stop Additional Hair Loss and Limitless Hair Attraction, both are educational guides that share more on the groundbreaking InvisaBlend® Micro Strand® technology. He invented the groundbreaking technology that can feed single human hairs in-between existing thinning hair (or bald area) making hair fuller. This method keeps all the individual’s own hair safe while using 100% of their own hair in the process.

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STOP Additional Hair Loss!

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STOP Additional Hair Loss!
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