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Most Salons and Hair Studios constantly have their eyes out for ways to grow their business and profession at higher levels—NOW there is a revolutionary product and service that everyone loves and wants of which will turn-on a new world to your career.
Dino Dondiego

Award Winning Author

Dino Dondiego is the founder of InvisaBlend Hair Studio, and inventor of the InvisaBlend Micro Strand®.

He has lectured on hair loss and corresponding therapies and treatments at leading industry summits—including the Beauty Pro Health Fitness Show and The Beauty Industry Empowering Seminar – and has been featured on a number of radio shows such as The Lori and Julian Show Live, The Women In You, Women’s Room, plus Dondiego has also been featured on television shows such as – Good Day New York—Fox 5, Eyewitness News—WABC 7’V N.Y., America’s Talking—TV talk show, Cover to Cover-7’V talk show, Real Life-CN8 TV talk show, WNBC TV-Fashion with Zoe Alexander.

Dondiego is a recognized sponsor for the Trichotillomania Learning Center and the Women’s Alopecia Association. He received the Outstanding Achievement in Ethics and Professionalism award from the International Hair Replacement Convergence.

Dondiego has created the first and only method of adding individual hairs in-between your exiting hairs to create instant fullness while simultaneously strengthening and growing your hair, called InvisaBlend Micro Strand. This concept is a major breakthrough which has never been achieved, and a concept that most people in need of hair fullness have always wanted. Dondiego is sharing this concept intemationally to help make it available to the masses. Certifications and partnerships are available to implement the InvisaBlend brand into hair studios that qualify. This unique and exclusive concept has and will continue to open a very needed untouched niche in the hair industry.

Dondiego has been a licensed hairdresser for since 1975. He is a graduate of the Hawaii Institute of Hair Design.

Dino Dondiego owns and run a Hair Studio since 1989. Dondiego exercises highly advanced forms of hair care. He personally trains all stylists, plus provides weekly advance training courses for all InvisaBlend Hair Studio stylists. Consistent advanced training is paramount for Dondiego at InvisaBlend which provides advanced hair care in our exclusive private atmosphere.

InvisaBlend Hair Studio is located in an exclusive private professional building.

The entire Hair Studio is totally private, having all private rooms for each and all clients.

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